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Every developer in the software supply chain is critical to your business success

This almost sounds like a movie plot. In early January, Microsoft started investigating customer complaints that their Windows phones were sending and receiving “phantom data” and increasing their phone bills. Consumers complained about their phone transmitting up to 50MBs a day and running over their allocated bandwidth caps. Eventually Microsoft’s search led them an unnamed third-party software developer as the source of the bug.  With the Windows Phone 7 fighting for market share and hoping to become a serious competitor to Google’s Android platform, RIM’s BlackBerry devices, and Apple’s iPhone, getting features and Apps to market as fast as they can is the key. In turn, having to rely on an extended software supply chain from open source and from third-party software is a business necessity. This makes everyone involved in that supply chain critical to Windows Phone 7’s success. Every third-party developer in that chain is important to Microsoft’s business in the smartphone market.  This is a common challenge for almost every OEM. The software supply chain is as critical to their success as their own software development teams. As an OEM vendor, for the software created in your own teams, you have some visibility into the development process and the quality of the software produced. But when was the last time you knew exactly what you are receiving from a third-party solution provider? How can you be certain that what you got meets your desired level of quality? And, how do you get an overview of the kind of hidden problems without having to go through extensive integration and QA testing cycles?  In a webinar on February 8, Andy Chou, Chief Scientist and Co-Founder of Coverity will be discussing such questions and providing OEMs with recommendations to help gain exactly that kind of visibility into the software supply chain.

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