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Coverity Scan: Behind the Scenes


Before I shed more light on the Coverity Scan service, I would first like to thank the thousands of developers that have inspired us and helped us share static analysis with the open source community. The Technology of Scan Coverity Scan’s frontend Ruby on Rails application provides management, sign up and other capabilities required for…

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Ontogeny, phylogeny and virtual methods

Today on Ask The Bug Guys, a question I get occasionally, particularly from C++ programmers learning C#: I’ve heard that it’s a bad idea to call a virtual method from a constructor in C++ (or C#). Does the same advice apply to C# (or C++)? Great question. Calling a virtual method from a constructor in…

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You mean it’s now possible to find the gaps and areas of risk in my QA process?

After a recent number of meetings where we’d positioned the Coverity Test Advisor – QA solution, it’s become apparent that organizations just don’t know how to optimize their testing and Quality Assurance processes to expose the untested part of their code. On the other hand, that’s of no surprise as up until now there hasn’t been anything…

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Agility in an Agile Enterprise

Thursday 24th July saw our SCRUM master and Solution Architect Chris Littlejohns present a webinar on the Best Practices for Development Testing in Agile software development environments. The webinar provided high-level insight into some core Agile practices, defined the practices that optimize Agile, and showed how some Agile practices can make use of automated software…

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Scheduling a Transfer


Like many people these days, I do much of my business online, including much of my banking. A few weeks ago, I tried to schedule a transfer through a bank’s online web-based banking application. After carefully entering my request, and clicking on submit, my browser returned a page containing the text Error 500: java.lang.NullPointerException. Had…

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Announcing the Code Spotter Beta – Now Live!


On behalf of the team, I am excited to announce the beta of Code Spotter is now live! Code Spotter is a free and simple to use cloud-based service built upon Coverity source code analysis technology for finding often hard-to-detect bug-causing issues in Java source code. For the duration of the beta period, participants are welcome…

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An Impressive Show at Geekout


Another sold out year at the 2014 Geekout event in Tallinn saw Coverity exhibit its technology to a number of companies in the Java development space and ask a key question  -Are you happy with your open source analysis tools? Clearly the likes of Findbugs, Sonar and PMD are widely used across the Java community….

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Delegates and structural identity

Suppose we have a couple methods: and couple delegate types: And some code which calls the method: A question I am frequently asked is “why is there a type mismatch error on the last line, but the previous two lines work fine?” They appear to all do the same thing, so why is one of…

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Coverity’s Next Generation Software Testing Platform

We are very excited to announce the next generation of the Coverity Software Testing Platform, Coverity 7.5. With this release we are expanding the reach and impact of software testing by increasing collaboration between Development and Quality Assurance (QA), and enabling faster time-to-market, reduced software development costs and higher end-product quality. Now organizations can focus…

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Some enumerator bounds checks are omitted

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This week’s episode of ATBG requires that you first understand the previous episode, so please read that first if you haven’t already. I’ll wait. … Welcome back. Reader Xi Chen notes that the mutable struct implementation of the list enumerator mentioned last time does implement IEnumerator<T> and IEnumerator, and asks why it is that the…

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