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Bugs Aren’t Cheap

It’s well understood that fixing defects in software requires time, and time costs money. In fact Source Ninja addressed this very topic in a recent post “Cost of Bugs in Open Source Software.” The post highlights that companies spend almost $60B dollars annually on defective software – one third of the software market. That’s a…

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Looking under the hood of a DoS attack

Last week, I shared some thoughts on the on-going “cyber war” involving WikiLeaks and some financial organizations in aComputer Weekly post  as a guest blogger. As the WikiLeaks saga continues, with all the attention on Bank of America this week,  let’s dig a little deeper to see how software code plays a role in the much…

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Is code testing in your arsenal?

WikiLeaks and subsequent attacks from Operation Payback have been a big story these past few weeks, and brought the notion of “cyber war” and its potential devastation into the public eye.  As websites like and were hit with DDoS attacks, it caused other companies to ask themselves “Are we protected against this?” “Would…

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