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Happy Cows Come from California…What About Happy Engineers?

Coverity hosted a User Group in the Bay Area last week, where some of our customers shared their best practices and lessons learned when implementing development testing into their organizations’ software development life-cycles.

One customer, an industry-leading innovator in storage and data management solutions, made a unique correlation between happy cows…

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Siemens Partners with Coverity to Drive Quality & Security

In 2012, Siemens was listed as one of the top 100 most valued brands in the world according to Interbrand, was acknowledged as one of the top 50 most innovative companies by Fast Companyand was…

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Context-aware security scanning…it helps if you know the context of your app!

In the application security world, I can only agree that this approach helps security specialists narrow down the types of vulnerabilities that they’re actually looking for before committing an application for review. Why would you look to statically or dynamically scan an application for things like SQL injection (SQLi) if there is no database, or indeed if it’s…

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SAP Runs Coverity: A global superbrand bolsters its reputation

If you’ve travelled through any of the world’s major airports over the last 10 years, you will almost certainly have seen examples of SAP’s seminal advertising campaign, in which the company showcases some of its most prestigious clients. By building great products, delivering tremendous customer value and publically associating itself with its high-profile…

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Fatal Errors? Dive computers require clean code.

Twelve years ago I was on a dive boat heading out to the Coronado Islands, off the coast of Mexico. I had a new dive computer with a wireless feature that allowed the tank pressure to communicate with my wrist mounted computer to let me know how much air remained in the tank. It allowed me to move freely under water with one less hose attached from the tank to the…

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Turning your development team into an extension of your security team.

It almost sounds too good to be true.  You have a customer facing web application.  That application is critical to your company.  Critical to the world’s perception of your company and to your bottom line.  Every day I meet with clients and I am told they have similar concerns.  “Any issues that come up with our e-commerce site from bringing in revenue are of…

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Development Testing…for Heavyweights

Last week, Coverity announced its partnership with SQS – one of the industry’s leading Software Quality Services organisations. In doing so, the two organisations effectively launched the world’s first independent development…

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A combined Capsule of Medical Device Connectivity and Development Testing

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Have your cake and eat it: Coverity considers the SEC meeting on Oct 2nd

Time is money. Never has it been so true for Investment Banks and Exchanges. The race to trade with ever increasing speed and functionality has reached unprecedented proportions. This extreme time-to-market pressure, however, and the requirement to slash trading latency can increase the likelihood of systems and transactional errors. This means greater business…

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