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Years ago when buying a new car, you had to physically go to dealerships and speak with a salesperson just to find out what the latest makes, models and features available were. Who does that nowadays? With an array of reviews, specs and comparisons readily available at our fingertips, I can honestly say that by the time I take the effort to leave the comfort of my own…

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If your code could speak, what would it say?

Would it say:

“Disaster or total epic win? Hey, no pressure or anything…”


“I feel like swiss cheese…Full of holes!”

If this sounds like something your code could say, then we invite (and encourage) you to join us at our live event on January 30th in San Jose, CA!

At this event, we will discuss…

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Bugs Aren’t Cheap

It’s well understood that fixing defects in software requires time, and time costs money. In fact Source Ninja addressed this very topic in a recent post “Cost of Bugs in Open Source Software.” The post highlights that companies spend almost $60B dollars annually on defective software…

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The benefits of incorporating automated code analysis into peer review

Let’s pretend I am a beginner pilot getting ready for flight. I turn the key, the engine cranks for a few seconds and next thing you know the propeller is spinning! As I watch the various electrical systems coming to life, I review the “starting engine checklist” to make sure I didn’t miss anything. Oops! I forgot to verify that the primer is…

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