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Just a Teenager in a Gaming Store

One of the great perks of being a part of the product management team at Coverity is the opportunity to regularly visit our customers, many of which are among the world’s most revered enterprises.  On my most recent trip to Asia, I visited a dozen globally recognized gaming, media and consumer electronic giants.  The storied…

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How to work better with the open-source community

Coverity Chief Scientist and Co-Founder Andy Chou recently started a fantastic discussion on EBN Online on the topic of ‘How to Work Better with the Open-Source Community’. The comments on the blog clearly indicate that it is a subject that everyone who uses open source, i.e. every group that does software development, cares about. As users of…

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With great power comes great responsibility

As always, the news and product announcements coming from the Consumer Electronics Show were fascinating. A trend not lost on most observers was the rise of Android. You might be forgiven for thinking it was the Android Electronics Show. Even before CES, comScore reported that that the number of Android users is now more than the number of iPhone users….

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