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3 Valentines for your favorite developer

Let’s face it – if you’re a developer, then you know where you spend the majority of your time… with your code. (And even if you aren’t working on your code, you’re probably thinking about it!)

So in the spirit of all things Valentine’s Day’ish, here are some heartfelt messages from that special code in your life…

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What is the Software of Things (SoT)?

At a recent event, I was able to grab a couple of minutes with Coverity CEO Anthony Bettencourt and ask him what he thought about the Internet of Things (IoT), the Software of Things (SoT) and how these trends are affecting businesses today. Here’s a quick video of his response (captured old school style…with a…

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Intuit’s Five Tips on Static Analysis Deployment


On January 30th, I attended a very insightful talk given by John Ruberto, product development leader at Intuit, about his experiences in introducing static analysis in a mature codebase. What made this talk stand out was its broad coverage of the range of challenges in getting static analysis embraced by the…

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Top 5 Things Every C# Developer Needs to Know


Last week, Eric Lippert, a former Microsoft veteran (16+ years), C# expert and prolific blogger, shared his personal top five list of things he wished more people knew about programming in C#.  So let the countdown begin …

5 - Why did I get…

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New GitHub and Travis Integrations for Coverity Scan


We’re very excited about the new integrations between our Coverity Scan service, which lets the open source community use our development testing technology at no charge, and GitHub and Travis CI. More than 40 percent of our customers in the service already have GitHub repositories so there is a tremendous amount of synergy between the two communities. Both GitHub…

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When is a Cache Not a Cache?


Recently I found and filed a bug where two seemingly unrelated objects were being conflated. The symptoms were bizarre and made it look like the software was utterly confused. Changes that I made to one object mysteriously and incorrectly became associated with another object. It turns out that the root cause was a simple violation of the contract defined by the equals…

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Working with overlapping buffers in C


Dear Bug Guys,

I have a buffer that reads a value off the network and I want to format that for logging after I process it. I’m in a memory constrained environment and don’t want to allocate memory for the log message. The data buffer has plenty of space for my message, but it’s not acting as I expect. Here’s some pseudo-code to show…

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Years ago when buying a new car, you had to physically go to dealerships and speak with a salesperson just to find out what the latest makes, models and features available were. Who does that nowadays? With an array of reviews, specs and comparisons readily available at our fingertips, I can honestly say that by the time I take the effort to leave the comfort of my own…

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