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Traveling Safely over the Holidays

I read an article in the paper the other day that projected 92 million people would be hitting the road this holdiay season. Road trips can be a fun escape filled with beautiful scenery, stops to funky diners, and spontaneous detours. But road trips can also be filled with peril due to inclement weather, bad drivers, and in my own family’s case, three fighting children in the back seat. However, more and more, software failures could be a leading cause of risk on the road.

The average car is expected to contain 300 million lines of code in the next decade up from 10 million lines of code in today’s cars.  Software will control everything from safety critical systems like brakes, power steering, to basic vehicle controls like doors and windows, and sophisticated infotainment systems and telematics. With the exponential growth of software comes a dramatic increase in software defects. The average car is expected to contain up to 150,000 bugs. In late October, Jaguar had to recall 18,000 cars because of a software glitch.

To help control the risk in software, The International Organization for Standardization, ISO, has put forth ISO 26262 for road vehicles functional safety which is in the final stages of review. Read our new white paper Supporting ISO 26262 with Coverity Development Testing to learn how the Coverity Platform can be used to help assure the quality and safety of the software in automobiles.

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