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Make way for the new rockstars… of development testing

Click here to see a short video about Coverity Exchange, 7th December 2011:

The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Joy Division and Nirvana: Unique, visionary, trendsetters. Rock bands that produced a sound so distinctive, creative and potent – each defining a new era, all of its own. On a similar note, social media has redefined the way the world communicates with itself. One might even argue that social media is to marketing what Joy Division was to Led Zeppelin (please use your imagination on that one – and your comments appreciated!).

Whilst we (at Team Coverity) strive for excellence in both the products we develop and the marketing of our products, we realize that the real rockstars are our customers. What’s more, given the increasing power of social media, we also understand that customers of any technology vendor have an ever more powerful voice in the market (an essential quality for any serious rockstar!)

So on 7th December 2011, Coverity held the first Coverity Exchange event in London, UK. The aim of the event was really to showcase the success that our clients have achieved in the area of development testing. And boy, did they rock! Software development leaders, from both our client base and from companies interested in working with us, came together to hear our clients’ presentations and to discuss industry best practices for software quality in development.

So who are the rockstars (of the new development testing era)?

Vocals and rhythm guitar: Fons Rademakers of CERN. Fons explained how Coverity is helping to ensure the accuracy of the Large Hadron Collider analysis software. Quite timely, since CERN is potentially on the verge of making one of most significant scientific discoveries of the last 50 years. Believe it or not, Coverity is playing a part in that very discovery!

Lead Guitar: Florian Moesch of Draeger Medical. You may have heard of Draeger from the ‘Draegermen’ in one of the Superman films. Draeger make life saving medical devices and use Coverity to ensure the quality of a number of its devices.

Bass: Frank Klosek of Schneider Electric. Frank did a brilliant presentation explaining how Coverity development testing has helped his organization drive significant improvements in quality and achieve Return on Investment in less than 9 months!

Drums: Pierre Sangouard of ipanema Technologies. Wan Optimisation leader, Ipanema, has deployed Coverity across its Embedded Applications to drive quality and time to market. Pierre explained how the company is now planning the rollout of Coverity Development Testing platform across all of its system applications.  Here’s a short overview video of the event, which should hopefully give you some insight into the event:

Fancy joining the band? You know where we are!

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