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Andy Chou, Chief Technology Officer:

Andy co-founded Coverity in 2003 after earning his PhD in Computer Science from Stanford University. His research work on static analysis for bug-finding in systems software formed the foundation for Coverity’s products.  Andy works with some of the largest software development organizations in the world to champion development testing as a way to fix software problems early in the development cycle as code is being written.

Rutul Dave, Product Marketing Manager:

Rutul received his Masters in Computer Science with a focus on networking and communications systems from University of Southern California. Within nine months into graduate school while learning about creating high-performance networking and distributed systems, he found his passion creating real bleeding-edge technology systems at various Bay Area-Silicon Valley startups like Procket Networks, Topspin Communications and then moving to Cisco Systems. He has years of software development experience in embedded and real-time systems.  His focus these days is on creating tools and technology to enhance the Software Development process and to equip Developers with the best resources, techniques and practices to maximize the integrity of software. When not evangelizing about the benefits of Software Integrity, he scratches the coding itch by developing mobile apps and understanding the Linux kernel.

Desiree Hamaoui, Senior Marketing Manager:

Desiree is a native to the bay area and has been following the growth of high technology since before Silicon Valley was named “Silicon Valley.” She is Passionate about building brands and launching new products. For her it’s not just about the next trend but understanding how they impacting our day to day lives and what they can do for the future. That’s why she enjoys keeping tabs on what’s current to help assess what we may want to focus on next.  As part of the Coverity marketing team, she brings with her past experience from companies such as NVIDIA, SUN, and SGI. Desiree is a graduate of UC Irvine and received her MBA at Santa Clara University.  Desiree lives in San Francisco and in her free time can be found enjoying the city or at the dog park with her beagle, Ellie.

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